SB Challenge: Kaecie’s Risky Tie

Kaecie is no stranger to challenging self-bondage adventures. For this challenge, she’s asked to try something she’s always wanted to try but never wanted to risk it. On the surface it seems simple enough, just a ballgag and a rope hogtie. It’s a tie she’s escaped from before although with a fair amount of effort. What makes this special is she’s doing it in a bathtub with a rising level of water. Making sure her scissors are handy she cinches the last knot. With the water halfway up she gives everything a test to make sure she’s secure before a much-needed escape. Despite her planning and skill, there’s a reason self-bondage is dangerous. First, her scissors fall with her hogtie preventing her from reaching them under the water. Her attempts to do so only manage to soak her ropes causing them to cinch up tight. Realizing the dire situation she’s in she looks for help. Kaecie is reminded, like all self-bondage challengers, I’m there to keep her safe and not to set her free. Where’s the challenge in that?

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