Amanda vs. The Tormenting Vibe

Answering the question “What is bondage?” is not easy to relate to someone from beyond the obvious. While I tied Amanda’s legs and arms I tried to explain the concepts behind it. The Q&A was over when I strapped the ring gag in her mouth. She got really excited when I brought out the Hitachi but she didn’t know what I had planned. Purposely keeping the straps loose I turned the vibe on low to give her a taste. I could see she was enjoying it, so I turned it up half way. Now I had her full attention as she squirmed around the bed trying to satiate her growing frustration. After I few minutes I turned it on high but this only frustrated her more. With the straps loose and her arms and legs tied she simply couldn’t get enough pressure. Left in a frustrated heap, I think she’s starting to understand.

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